1. Szulecki, Diane

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* In her post "PPE's Contribution to the Plastic Pandemic," nursing professor and AJN contributing editor Barbara Polivka discusses the environmental implications of the extensive use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic (


* "In the hardest moments, we didn't know which way things would go for Sam, but his mom always had the assurance that we would continue walking with both of them on this journey," writes pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato in her post "Primary Nursing of Medically Complex Children in the ICU Increases Parental Trust" (


* In his post "We Haven't Made You Better: Orthopedic Trauma and Emotional Healing," postdoctoral scholar Stephen Breazeale highlights the need to assess and address lingering psychological distress in trauma survivors (



"School nurses are essential public health workers. In our fractured society where many leaders are not prioritizing our kids, a nurse in every school is needed now more than ever." "In addition to safe staffing levels, we also need to consider the resources necessary to provide adequate time off to employees to avoid burnout." "My father was one of the last to get polio in Philadelphia before the vaccine. As a nine-year-old he spent more than a year in the hospital and was initially paralyzed from the waist down. What a devastating disease-I dread the thought of it reemerging." "I'm a nurse in recovery from opiate addiction. I have found that rural areas like mine are lacking the funding and informational resources to educate students, health care personnel, and the community on drug addiction, its consequences, the signs and symptoms, and interventions."