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mentors, orientation, preceptors, training



  1. Thomason, Tanna R. MS, RN, CCRN, PCCN


A survey was conducted to obtain information regarding adult intensive care unit (ICU) orientation and postorientation practices throughout the nation. This article presents the results of a random sampling of ICUs throughout the nation regarding orientation practices of newly licensed registered nurses (RNs), experienced RNs new to the ICU setting, and experienced ICU RNs. Twenty-four hospitals from 7 geographic regions within the United States were surveyed. Classroom training remains the predominant method of instruction outside the ICU. Most hospitals offer a formalized training for new preceptors. When provided, preceptor incentives include both monetary recognition and professional growth/recognition. Postorientation support for new ICU nurses varied. Geographic regional differences in orientation practices were not found. The major limitation of this study was the small sample size. Results from this survey are the beginning steps in understanding a national perspective of comprehensive orientation practices for new ICU nurses.