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Accuzyme and Panafil. New spray emulsion (SE) delivery forms of these wound care treatments provide a continuous spray for "no touch" application. The risk of introducing pathogens that could lead to infection in a healing wound is minimized by this application process, according to the manufacturer. The SE products join the current ointment and pump spray formulations of Accuzyme and Panafil.


The Arthritis Foundation awarded these new products its "Ease-of-Use" Commendation in recognition of their user-friendly design. Accuzyme SE and Panafil SE are the first wound care products to receive this commendation.


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Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing. Developed for patients with difficult-to-dress sacral wounds, this new sacral-shaped dressing's absorbent layer provides a moist wound environment that promotes autolytic wound debridement. Its clear layer allows clinicians to monitor sacral wound progress before and after absorption. It may eliminate unscheduled dressing changes, saving time and money and providing improved patient comfort.


The Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing line is made of a triple-layer construction that forms a barrier to outside contaminants, such as fluid, bacteria, and viruses, including HIV-1 and HBV, according to the manufacturer.


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Ferris Mfg Corp

Shapes. This new product in the QuadraFoam dressing line provides the patented PolyMem formulation of QuadraFoam in easy-to-use, precut dressings that cleanse, fill, absorb, and moisten throughout the healing continuum. The Shapes line allows clinicians to select the best-fit dressing shape for each individual wound.


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Onset Therapeutics

Optase. A prescription product made from trypsin, balsam of Peru, and castor oil, Optase is formulated in a patent-pending gel delivery system for topical application on a variety of wounds, including pressure, venous, and arterial ulcers and dehisced wounds. The gel acts as an effective capillary bed stimulant to promote wound healing and as an occlusive barrier to protect the wound site, according to the manufacturer. Its clear formulation allows wound visualization, minimizes wound bed disruption during application, and eliminates the need for secondary dressings.


Optase will be targeted primarily to the long-term-care market and acute wound care clinics. The product is now available through major drug wholesalers.


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