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  1. Karim, Refaat B. MD, PhD
  2. Brito, Beatriz L.R. MD
  3. Dutrieux, Richard P. MD
  4. Lassance, Fernanda P. PhD
  5. Hage, J. Joris MD, PhD


OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the feasibility of assessment of fibroblast matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) expression as an indicator of wound healing in wounds that change from chronically inert to actively healing.


METHODS: Phase II feasibility study of 4 patients with nonhealing wounds (duration, >= 3 months; surface area, >= 1 cm2). Wounds were treated with a dressing impregated with oak bark extract (DerMax) and evaluated weekly; biopsies were performed every 2 weeks until wound healing.


RESULTS: Therapy-induced wound healing and immunohistochemical measurements of MMP-2 expression paralleled the clinical characteristics of wound healing.


CONCLUSION: MMP-2 expression offers a reliable indicator for clinical wound healing induced by DerMax treatment.