1. Curry, Kim PhD, FNP-C, FAANP

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The journal would like to recognize the expert peer reviewers who have given their time and talent to keeping our publication one that health care providers from every discipline seek out for original science as well as clinical and educational innovations. We rely on peer reviewers to point out flaws in thinking, research design, and writing in a thoughtful and helpful way. This builds better writers, one of the primary goals of JAANP. We should all remember to "pay it forward". If you are a writer, you need peer reviewers, so when you are asked to review, please accept the invitation. You will gain a new appreciation for how critically reading and peer reviewing can improve your own writing.


If you are currently a peer reviewer, thank you. If you are not, please contact me if you would like to become one. A free course to help you get started is available. The 159 reviewers listed here served JAANP during 2022.


Janice Agazio


Beth Ammerman


Colleen Andreoni


Robin Arends


Cathy Arvidson


Kathy Baldridge


Nancy Balkon


Elizabeth Barker


Hilary Barnes


Theresa Bedford


Bobby Bellflower


Judith Berg


Mary Ellen Biggerstaff


James Blackwell


Kathryn Blair


Denise Bockwoldt


Elizabeth Bonham


Mary Brennan


William Brown


Nancy Browne


Geraldine Budd


Michael Bumbach


Charles Buscemi


Cheryl Butera


Lisa Byrd


Susan Calloway


Theresa Campo


Carmen Cardinale


Dawn Carpenter


Michael Carter


Essence M. Carter-Griffin


Cathleen Case


Kelly Casler


Doreen Cassarino


Jane Champion


Amanda Chaney


Leon Chen


Tanya Chervoni-Knapp


Sharon Chow


Nancy Clark


Lola Coke


Cathy Cole


Jennifer Collins


Lesley Cooper


Maureen Courtney


Summer Cross


Wesley Davis


Shelly de Peralta


Yhovana Gordon


Beth Grabiak


Karen Greco


Jose Gutierrez


Debra Hain


Lauren Haines


Josh Hamilton


Dixie Harms


Nena Harris


Leigh Hart


Susan Hellier


Laura Hendren


Beth Heuer


Rodney Hicks


Benjamin Hocutt


Christine Hudak


Randall Hudspeth


Dianne Ito


Lisa Jackson


Seja Jackson


Monique Jenkins


Rita John


Versie Johnson-Mallard


Jacqueline Johnston


Vanessa Kalis


Annemarie Kallenbach


Karen Kalmakis


Louise Kaplan


Linda Keilman


Patricia Kelley


Katherine Kenny


Tracy Klein


Elizabeth Kostas-Polston


Rose Knapp


Elizabeth Kuzma


Karan Kverno


Gary Laustsen


Ellen Latour


Angela Renee Leasure


Colleen Leners


Sharon Little


Lora Lonidier


Karen Luken


Rachel Mack


Nicole Tamara Martinez


Paula McCauley


Shannon McCrory-Churchill


Danica McKain


Heather McGrath


Richard McLaughlin


Jon Mizgala


Lisa Moment


Gail Morrell


Diane Monsivais


Paula Morrow


Jeanne Moore


Ruth Nowell


Julie Nyhus


Patricia Pearce


Ka'Shiris Perryman


Susanne Quallich


Ellen Ratcliffe


Elda Ramirez


Briana Rehn


Susan Renda


Candy Rinehart


MaryEllen Roberts


Amanda Roesch


Susan Ruppert


Tammy Sadighi


Madrean Schober


Lorna Schumann


Aaron Sebach


Diane Seibert


Mackenzie Shireman


Anna Short


Bongi Sibanda


Antiqua Smart


Deirdre Smith


Justine Smith


Jennifer Snead


Chandra Speight


Barbara St Marie


Suzanne Staebler


Charity Tan


Leslie Faith Taub


Barbara Todd


Justin Waryold


Kasheika Williams


Jill Winland-Brown


Stephanie Wynn


Kenneth Wysocki


Charles Yingling


Karen Zanni