1. Apolone, Giovanni MD
  2. Brunelli, Cinzia PhD, MSc


Cancer, in Europe, is the second cause of death. In addition, there is an unacceptable variability in terms of access to innovation, quality of care, and outcomes, within and between countries. The European Union has activated an unprecedented initiative to fight cancer by launching Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and the Cancer Mission. The goals are to reduce mortality, increase survival, and ameliorate quality of life by increasing knowledge, improving quality of care, and reducing inequalities through interventions on actionable determinants of variability. A competitive call was launched with the objective to develop and validate a set of quality of life and patient preference measures for cancer patients and survivors, to be used for routine data collection all over Europe. A consortium, the EUonQoL, was funded, including partners from 41 countries with 55 participants. It will start the activities on January 2023 and rresults are expected by December 2024.