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The new 2023-2026 HPNA Research Agenda is now available on the HPNA website. In 2009, HPNA established the triannual research agenda to (a) provide focus for researchers to conduct meaningful scientific and quality-improvement initiatives and inform evidence-based practice; (b) guide organizational funding; and (c) illustrate to other stakeholders the importance of nursing research foci.


The priority areas of this HPNA Research Agenda (2023-2026) were generated in consultation with the membership and assessment of major trends in hospice and palliative nursing. The following 5 topics were identified as areas of knowledge gaps in need of further scientific inquiry: (1) equitable palliative care; (2) local, national, and global disaster/emergency response in hospice and palliative care; (3) pediatric hospice and palliative care research; (4) well-being of hospice and palliative care clinicians: self-care and workforce development; and (5) transitions in care.


Please be sure to download, read, and share the 2023-2026 HPNA Research Agenda. The executive summary and full research agenda are located on the HPNA website at


HPNA offers several ways to connect, network, and learn about research opportunities. The virtual HPNA Research Meeting will take place on April 13, 2023, at 3:30 PM ET. Attendees will have the opportunity to be introduced to members and leaders of the HPNA Research Committee, HPNA Research Special Interest Group (SIG), and HPNA Emerging Scholars SIG. All HPNA members with an interest in research are encouraged to attend. This is a complimentary event, but registration is required. Members can register by logging into their HPNA account and searching "2023 Research Meeting." Specific opportunities to be discussed at the upcoming research meeting include Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF)/Sigma Theta Tau International Grant call for application/call for reviewers, HPNA Research Scholar call for applications, HPNA Distinguished Research Award, HPNA New Investigator Award, and more.


The HPNA Community is home to the Research SIG and the Emerging Scholars SIG. SIGs are a great way to develop connections with other members who have similar interests. SIGs are also the perfect way to become more engaged with HPNA. To get started, visit and log in with your HPNA username and password.


The HPNA Research SIG is a community dedicated to building scholarly collaboration among hospice and palliative care researchers. Join the HPNA Research SIG community to discover additional methods to engage, connect, and become involved in the Research SIG activities. To join, visit, and log in with your HPNA username and password.


The HPNA Emerging Scholar SIG is open to members who are graduate or postdoctoral students and early-career scholars. It is a place for peer collaboration and learning about research, job opportunities, and funding. Events for this SIG include virtual meetings, writing groups, and guest speakers. To join, visit, and log in with your HPNA username and password.


Members interested in connecting with a mentor to grow research skills and create new connections are encouraged to participate in the HPNA Mentor Match Program. Mentees should complete a profile and then search from the list of more than 60 mentors to find the perfect fit. Learn more and start your mentorship journey by visiting


HPNA Nursing Resource Guides (NRGs) are quick reference sheets on a variety of topics. Log into your HPNA account and then visit to view the full NRG library, which includes a series of research-related NRGs. Research NRG topics include:


* Evaluating Published Research


* How to Conduct a Literature Review


* How to Create a Scholarly Abstract


* How to Create a Scholarly Presentation


* Submitting a Scholarly Abstract




Creating lifelong learning opportunities for hospice and palliative nurses is crucial to the future of the profession and the patients we care for every day. To help meet this need, the HPNF provides funding for academic scholarships, continuing education, certifications, and evidence-based research to advance the practice.


To improve patient care and outcomes, nurses need to participate in the dialogue and findings at professional conferences. HPNF is proud to provide more than 50 awards and scholarships annually, including those that enable hospice and palliative nurses nationwide to experience the powerful connections and learning that take place during conferences. Attending these educational gatherings can help rekindle or spark enthusiasm for nursing, especially after the past few years of isolation and compounding challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


HPNF's conference scholarships provide financial assistance to nursing professionals to attend the Team Conference for Hospice and Palliative Care, HPNA-sponsored End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium courses, the National Nursing Ethics Conference, and the Annual Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Care. These scholarships support nurses of all levels and provide invaluable opportunities for networking and information sharing.


"I was able to derive much value from attending an HPNA conference. Gaining knowledge, insight, and new ideas from my colleagues was a great benefit. Many of the sessions I attended specifically applied to my workplace and practice, providing me with questions to consider and future action items to contemplate," said conference scholarship recipient Brighton Loveday, PRN, ACHPN, AOCN.


Another way HPNF demonstrates its commitment to recognizing expertise in the hospice and palliative care specialties is through the Sandra Lee Schafer Certification Scholarships. Named in honor of the late director of credentialing for the Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center (HPCC), HPNF will offer 25 scholarships to obtain HPCC certifications in 2023. Open to those earning a new HPCC certification or those who are renewing a current HPCC certification, the scholarships help professionals advance their knowledge in the hospice and palliative industry, demonstrate dedication to the profession, showcase commitment to improving patient outcomes, and gain industry-wide recognition.


With the goal of encouraging contributions to the advancement of nursing care through research, HPNF partners annually with the Sigma Foundation for Nursing to offer a $10 000 grant. The 2022 grant is helping to fund the research of Megan C. Thomas Hebdon, PhD, DNP, RN, NP-C, who is investigating the emotional and financial well-being of nurses who balance the dual caregiver role of "nurse" and "family caregiver."


HPNF promotes hospice and palliative nursing at the local level through Chapter Education Grants. Each year, HPNF awards up to two grants to HPNA Chartered Chapters for a maximum of $1500 each. The purpose of the grants is to benefit chapter members through education and expand chapter membership.


Now, more than ever, nurses need to stay current with evidence-based best practices and research to deliver optimal bedside care. Providing nurses with opportunities for professional growth has a direct impact on HPNF's mission to support hospice and palliative research, education, and leadership development to advance expert nursing care. With the generous support of our donors, HPNF is proud to invest in the professional development journey of the dedicated hospice and palliative nurses we serve.



The HPCC offers specialty certification to hospice and palliative nurses and other members of the interdisciplinary team. HPCC strives for all involved in the certification process to have a positive experience. For this reason, the organization has added several programs and technological innovations to ensure a convenient and stress-free experience.


HPCC introduced the Next-Generation Learning Plan for Recertification, which enables all HPNA University courses and POLARIS e-learning modules to automatically sync with a certificant's LearningPlan. This eliminates the need to manually enter activities into LearningBuilder.


The HPCC reTEST Assured Program was instituted in early 2022 to afford candidates who are unsuccessful in passing a certification examination a chance to retake an examination for a reduced fee. In addition to the reTEST Assured Program, HPCC announced Live Remote Proctoring, which allows candidates to take an examination remotely, outside the traditional testing center, such as in their home or office. "I have been telling everyone who has asked about the exam how easy it was to use the live remote proctoring," said Amy Dudley, CHPN. "It made it less stressful for me to take the exam in the comfort of my home."


In 2023, HPCC will add step-by-step video guides to its resources and a newly redesigned website to help candidates and certificants better navigate the certification and renewal processes.


In addition to these new programs, HPCC has gone digital with scholarship, volunteer, and award applications. Candidates can now complete and submit applications online, an upgrade from the previous paper applications.


Through these updates and new offerings, it is clear to see that HPCC is focused on providing a topnotch experience to its candidates and certificants. Achieving your hospice and palliative nursing certification is a milestone in your health care career that HPCC is excited to be part of. Please reach out to HPCC for assistance or guidance, anytime, at or 412-787-1057.