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* In her post "Every Patient Needs an IV, or Do They?" nurse researcher Gillian Ray-Barruel questions the common practice of inserting a peripheral intravenous catheter "just in case" the patient needs it (


* "Patients experiencing fear and vulnerability associated with posttraumatic stress may not adhere to medical recommendations and may have difficulty processing information intended to help them assess treatment options," writes clinical social worker Scott Janssen in his post "Death by PTSD: When Patients Are Afraid of Health Care" (


* In his post "Potential Changes to Blood Donation Policies for MSM in the United States," nursing professor Justin Fontenot addresses reports that the Food and Drug Administration may soon revisit its blood donation screening policies pertaining to men who have sex with men (MSM) (



"Such interesting times we live in. I'm curious to see how nursing as a profession will progress in the coming years." "As a nurse I worry about our stress and well-being, but I also worry greatly about our patients and all of our safety." "Nursing schools must allow students to practice skills in clinicals. I recall how restrictive my program was, and just a few short years later, nursing students that shadow me just repeat the line 'we're not allowed to do that.'" "It will be a monumental task to overhaul health care, insurance, and politics to make the nursing profession more desirable."