complications, feeding tube, nasogastric intubation, nasogastric tube



  1. Monica Fan, Peijin Esther BSc, RN
  2. Teo, Kai Yunn BNurs, RN
  3. Tan, Min Yi BNurs, RN
  4. Ang, Shin Yuh MBA, BSc, RN


ABSTRACT: Nasogastric tubes are widely used in clinical practice for enteral nutrition, medication administration, and gastric decompression. Common complications of their use-such as tube blockage, displacement, and accidental removal-are well described in the literature. However, knotting-a complication that occurs when a knot forms in the nasogastric tube in situ-is rare. This report presents the case of a nasogastric tube that became knotted, causing difficulty in its removal. Key takeaways from this case are discussed, among them that more emphasis should be placed on safe nasogastric tube removal in practitioner training to better prevent such complications in the future.