1. Jacobs, Keith RN

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Diana Mason's April editorial, "Do the Right Thing," on work schedules ignores the bigger picture of the profession. Why aren't nurses and their publications preaching about the potential power that nurses can have? Why isn't the topic of empowering nurses to speak with a cohesive voice in every health care magazine and on the lips of every nurse? Why aren't nurses up in arms about the old-boy network that doesn't allow nurses to have input on decisions that directly relate to the care they provide or the ability to maintain a strong and cohesive workforce?


Nursing must become a force that government agencies, hospitals and their administrators, and businesses have to contend with. Until then, we will be subservient to physicians and administrators. Nursing is exhausting, but also rewarding and replenishing. Only practitioners who are active caregivers understand the true meaning of health care; this is the source of nurses' collective knowledge and strength, and this is what should be glamorized and advertised.


Keith Jacobs, RN


Battle Ground, WA