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COVID-19, dermatitis, hand dermatitis, nursing students, practice, quality of life



  1. Kacan, Cevriye Yuksel PhD, RN
  2. Buran, Gonca PhD, RN


Objective: To investigate hand dermatitis and related dermatologic quality of life among nursing students during the COVID-19 pandemic period.


Methods: In total, 241 nursing students participated in this cross-sectional descriptive study. The data were collected using a sociodemographic data collection form, Hand Dermatitis Self-assessment form, and the Dermatological Quality-of-Life Scale.


Results: During their clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic period, 41.9% of participants experienced hand dermatitis. Participants with a history of allergies experienced hand dermatitis at higher rates than those with no history of allergies (P < .01). The most frequently reported symptom associated with hand dermatitis was "irritation and itching in the hands" (53.9%). Dermatological Quality-of-Life Scale scores differed significantly among participants who did and did not have hand dermatitis: those who experienced hand dermatitis or symptoms of hand dermatitis reported lower quality of life (P < .01 and P < .05, respectively). Participants' most frequently reported cause of hand dermatitis was the use of antiseptic agents (44.8%), and their most frequently reported preventive measure was the use of moisturizers (61.8%).


Conclusions: Nursing students in the COVID-19 pandemic period experienced a high rate of hand dermatitis. Both the presence and symptoms of hand dermatitis were associated with lower dermatologic quality-of-life levels for the nursing students.