1. Aschenbrenner, Diane S. MS, RN


* A new delivery mechanism provides subcutaneous infusion of furosemide to treat fluid overload in adults with heart failure.



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The Food and Drug Administration has approved a single-use, on-body infusor preprogrammed to subcutaneously infuse 80 mg of the loop diuretic furosemide (Furoscix) to treat episodes of fluid overload in adults with New York Heart Association class II or III chronic heart failure. The infusor is for home use and should not be used in emergencies or if the patient has acute pulmonary edema. According to unpublished study data reported in the Medical Letter (see, Furoscix is as effective as two doses of IV boluses of furosemide.


The most common adverse effects associated with this new route of administration are erythema, bruising, edema, and infusion-site pain. Drug-related adverse effects are similar to those of other formulations of furosemide.


Nurses and NPs should teach patients prescribed Furoscix how to load the prefilled cartridge and apply the infusor to the abdomen. The infusor signals when the medication has been completely delivered and a needle cover extends automatically when the device is removed from the skin. The infusor, with the cartridge still inside, should be disposed of according to state or local laws for needles or sharps use.


NPs who work frequently with patients who have heart failure should consider receiving Heart Failure Certification from the Heart Failure Society of America. This certification recognizes providers who have demonstrated an advanced level of knowledge and skill in heart failure care. (See


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