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Childbirth, Labor management, Nursing, Parturition



  1. Low, Lisa Kane PhD, CNM, FACNM
  2. Moffat, Amy MAA


Purpose: To explore women's perceptions of transitioning to the birth facility when in labor.


Design: Qualitative.


Methods: Twenty-four nulliparous women were interviewed following their birth experiences.


Results: Pain was identified as the primary reason for transitioning to the hospital. Once arriving at the hospital, women often felt pressure to "get it right" and not make multiple trips. Three themes were identified: (a) Don't trust your body, trust us; (b) This is not right; and (c) This is too labor!!


Clinical Implications: The implications for nursing involve increased recognition of the range of normal experiences and acknowledgment that pain is a primary basis for women coming to the hospital as opposed to cervical dilation. Reevaluating the instruction the healthcare providers give to women is warranted.