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Aplicare Advantage(TM) Dressing Change System(TM)

The first innovation in procedural kits and trays in the last 30 years, the Aplicare Advantage Dressing Change System addresses the procedural needs of nurse managers, clinicians, and patients throughout the dressing change procedure. The difficult-to-handle drape is replaced by a nonslip pocketed "wrap" which, when opened, automatically presents components in their order of use. As a result, inservice time is reduced, procedural compliance is enhanced, and component sterility is more easily maintained. Designed to accommodate any combination of components required. Includes packets of Aplicare's exclusive Antiseptic Hand Gel so compliance with hand hygiene guidelines is readily accomplished without leaving the patient's side. Also available with Aplicare's new combination 7.5% PVP-I/70% IPA formulation (ExCelAP(R)), which their literature indicates is faster acting and less irritating than 2% CHG/70% IPA formulations while being persistent for 7 days.


New SHRINKSAFE(R) ID Bands by EPS(R), Inc.

EPS(R) has announced the release of 4 new SHRINKSAFE(R) ID Bands to help reduce medication errors involving paralytic agents, high alert, and look-alike meds. SHRINKSAFE is designed to easily wrap around various-sized vials containing medication requiring special handling. The new bands include orange bands specifically designed for 10-mL bottles containing high-alert Paralytic Agents; green bands for concentrated high-alert medication, drugs requiring further dilution prior to administration, or highlighting electrolytes dispensed in specialized-care settings (dialysis, OR, etc.); and 2 sizes of clear bands with a variety of dispensing applications for virtually all types of IV bottles and vials. The orange and green bands' distinctive color alerts practitioners to medications that require special handling. The clear bands allow for use with a broader selection of high-alert medications while providing the same level of protection. A brief exposure to heat shrinks the SHRINKSAFE band to the vial's shape, and the SHRINKSAFE band also permits easy viewing of the manufacturer's label. To dispense, peel the band's pull-tab, and the medication is ready to use. To order or to request samples, please visit, call (800) 523-8966, or send an e-mail to

Figure. Aplicare Adv... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Aplicare Advantage(TM) Dressing Change System(TM)
Figure. SHRINKSAFE I... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. SHRINKSAFE ID(R) Bands