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  1. Newhouse, Robin P. PhD, RN


At a national conference, students and faculty voiced a concern that they encounter clinical sites in which preceptors, nurses, or nurse leaders are not receptive to hearing or reviewing evidence when practice questions emerged. This presents an issue for nurse executives as they strive to promote evidence-based practice in their organizations. Experts provide a valuable source of evidence to guide strategies to address and resolve administrative and clinical practice questions. Three evidence-based practice experts, Drs Colleen Goode, Cheryl Stetler, and Marita Titler, were interviewed to provide guidance for faculty, students, and nursing leaders in organizations that provide a clinical site for nursing students. Suggestions include strategies to enhance the organizational evidence-based practice culture, providing leadership support, using evidence-based practice as an opportunity for self-development for nurse leaders, and formation of faculty and academic-practice collaborative partnerships.