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assessment, MAPP, performance standards, public health systems



  1. Erwin, Paul C. MD, MPH
  2. Hamilton, Charles B. DrPH
  3. Welch, Stephanie MS-MPH
  4. Hinds, Bonnie MA


The Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA) in Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), and the Local Tool of the National Public Health Performance Standards Program (LT/NPHPSP)- which are one in the same-attempt to assess the capacity to provide the essential public health services. Both tools have been utilized in various public health practice settings; however, users have been challenged with the complexity of the tools and time and human resource investment necessary to complete them. The recent Journal of Public Health Management and Practice issue focus on MAPP provided several examples of LPHSA implementation, both as a component of MAPP and as a stand-alone activity in the context of performance standards. The uniqueness in our approach involved a collaborative between a community-based organization, a public health academic program, and a governmental public health agency which conducted the LPHSA in a manner that did not require actual modification of the tool itself, was practical and feasible, and was of benefit and value to all partners.