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community, health data, participatory, training, workforce



  1. Paschal, Angelia M. PhD
  2. Kimminau, Kim PhD
  3. Starrett, Barbara E. MHA


In a prior statewide health disparities assessment, local community public health and social service professionals indicated a need for technical capacity growth in order to understand and effectively utilize health data. Using a community-based participatory research approach in addressing this need, health data training was provided to 26 individuals with the primary goals being to provide capacity to identify health disparities that result in higher morbidity and mortality, and to provide the skills needed to access, interpret, and utilize health data. Satisfaction surveys showed that an overwhelming majority of participants were extremely pleased with the training. Follow-up telephone interviews (100% response rate) conducted 2 months after the training indicated positive results, with participants discussing how they felt empowered to find, interpret, and use data as a result of the training. Results of a 6-month follow-up questionnaire (54% response rate) further supported the program's desired outcome to expand participants' knowledge and use of health data. This pilot project illustrated how utilizing a community-level partnership approach to program development not only enhances the utilization of such programs but also helps sustain participants' knowledge and skills.