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nursing satisfaction, perceived organizational support, telemedicine



  1. DelliFraine, Jami L.
  2. Dansky, Kathryn H.
  3. Rumberger, Jill S.


Abstract: The relationship between organizational support for telemedicine and nurses' job satisfaction in home health agencies (HHAs) is investigated in this study. Drawing from the theory of perceived organizational support, we propose that HHAs that provide strong support for telemedicine will have higher nurse job satisfaction levels than those that do not. Primary data were collected from 29 HHAs and 917 nurses from 2004 to 2005. The results of the analysis indicate a strong, positive, significant association between organizational support for telemedicine and home health nurses' job satisfaction. We conclude that technological implementation, with sufficient organizational support, can be a strong competitive strategy to attract and retain high-quality nurses.