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The Boston Area Nursing Informatics Consortium (BANIC) was founded in 1990. In a letter dated June 21, 1990 Eileen (Eaton) Harvey-Rolfe, then the Nursing QA/MIS Coordinator of the Boston VA Medical Center had the vision and took the initiative to host the group's first meeting held on September 14, 1990.

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Initially called the Metropolitan Boston Nursing Information Systems Consortium, the group started off small but with big plans. Founding members in addition to Eileen included Anna Petronzio, Sheila Duggan, Steve Cummings, Cindy Spurr, Cecilia Joseph, Elaine Comeau, Astrida Bruns, Honor Keegan, and Beatrice Robbins. The healthcare institutions in Boston were historically well known for their leadership and innovation in healthcare IT. The formation of this group provided the first opportunity for the area's nursing informatics professionals to network, collaborate, and share ideas.


The group changed its name to BANIC under the leadership of Cindy Spurr and enacted its first by laws in 1991. Meetings were typically hosted by area hospitals and included presentations and demonstrations of clinical systems. Education and networking were common themes in all meetings. Interestingly, vendors were initially excluded from membership, but that changed in 1992 when the organization's by-laws were modified to allow limited vendor and consultant participation.


BANIC continued to grow through the 1990s, increasing membership while focusing on providing education and networking opportunities for the growing number of nursing informatics professionals in the area. Early members included such well-known and respected nursing informaticists leaders as Ann Cooney, Chris Janis, Mimi Hassett, Chris Schiffiliti, Catherine Tronni, Rita Zielstorf and others who continue to be active in the field and with BANIC.


BANIC is an organization rich with talented, expert nursing informaticists. BANIC has a core mission to provide members an opportunity to network with, and learn from, its membership. As part of the meeting structure, educational programs are offered to all BANIC members a minimum of three times per year. BANIC also has as part of its mission a responsibility to disseminate its expertise to a wider audience of interested individuals. Given the level of informatics expertise within the organization, BANIC looks to shape the future of nursing informatics. With these guiding principles the following three goals guide its mission: Educate, Disseminate, Shape.


The organization's commitment to providing a forum for resource and information exchange has never been stronger. BANIC offered its first all day educational program featuring both local and national speakers in 2003. In May 2006 BANIC hosted its 4th Annual Symposium "Trends in Clinical Informatics: A Nursing Perspective." This two-day event, focusing on Evidence Based Practice and Enabling Technology, was attended by over 100 participants. In addition to presentations by renowned speakers, attendees were presented with high-quality, peer-reviewed, poster abstract submissions.


Today BANIC is a proud, original member of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) and is a thriving, nationally recognized, and well respected nursing informatics organization with over 300 members. Under the leadership of Mark Sugrue (Chair), Mary Kennedy (Director Program Development and Past Chair), Deb Furlong (Treasurer and Past Chair), Denise Goldsmith (Director Marketing/Communications and Past Chair), Ann Cooney (Director of Website) and Muffie Martin (Member at Large) the group continues to grow while meeting the needs of the Nursing Informatics community.


For more information about BANIC and our 5th Annual Symposium - Trends in Clinical Informatics: A Nursing Perspective please visit our Web page at


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