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Burns SM. 2nd ed. Boston, MA: Jones & Bartlett, 2006.


AACN Protocols for Practice: Noninvasive Monitoring, by Suzanne M. Burns, is one of AACN's protocols for practice. This book is a response to busy bedside clinicians' and advanced practice nurses' request for assistance from the AACN in using research to change acute and critical care practice. The need for studies to be translated into a format whereby findings are demystified and their validity, reliability, and applicability are evaluated is great. This book attempts to provide nurses with the latest patient care research findings in a format translatable into practice.


The book has 5 chapters: chapter 1, Bedside and Cardiac Monitoring; chapter 2, Respiratory Waveforms Cardiac Monitoring; chapter 3, End Tidal-Carbon Dioxide Monitoring; chapter 4, Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring; and chapter 5, Pulse Oximetry Monitoring. Each chapter includes case studies, general description, summary of current research, future research, references, clinical recommendations, annotated bibliography, and other references, except chapter 2, which does not include other references and a summary of current research. Only chapter 5 includes ethical considerations and suggested readings section. The other chapters should have included a suggested readings and ethical considerations section.


The author should have addressed the decision process used in choosing the 5 protocols. These protocols will serve as valuable adjuncts to clinical practice, education, and research. A rating system of the evidence supporting each action according to its level of scientific information is provided. Additional AACN protocols designed to promote evidence-based practice are under completion, a much awaited tool for nursing practice.


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