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depressive disorder, nursing interventions, psychiatric mental health nursing, recovery, transition



  1. Skarsater, Ingela PhD, RN
  2. Willman, Ania BeD, PhD, RN


The number of persons with mental illness is increasing globally; despite this fact, nursing research on research-based interventions to prevent or minimize illness and increase quality of life is sparse. The purpose of this secondary analysis of men and women recovering from major depression (N = 25) was to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of transition in the recovery process associated with major depression as well as to develop and suggest nursing interventions that support the recovery process. The transition framework was useful, as it was describing the transition process as fluid, going back and forth, which was confirmed by the respondents' statements. Transition planning is a feasible way of supporting both the recovery process and health promotion, thus laying the foundations for a good quality of life.