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This index contains all feature articles, as well as Acute Care Advisor (ACA), Advocacy in Practice (AP), Clinical Case Report (CR), Dermatology Discussion (DD), Drug News (DN), Editor's Memos (EM), Legal File (LF), Lab Logic (LL), The Rural NP(RNP), This Just In (TJI), Business Building (BB), and Short Communications (SC). An abbreviation in parentheses after the title indicates these regular departments. The index is arranged in two sections: the subject section and the author section.




2006 Nurse Practitioner Salary & Practice Survey. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) 31(5):39


Acute Care Billing: Shared Visits. (Magdic, Karen S.) (ACA) 31(11):9


Break-Even Analysis - Can I Afford to Do This? (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) 31(7):11


Creative and Practical Ways to Reduce Rent. (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) 31(3):50


Even Techno-Phobic NPs Can Use PDAs. (Krauskopf, Patricia B., Wyatt, Tami H.) (SC) 31(7):48


Getting Paid What You're Owed. (Dirubbo, Nancy) (BB) 31(11):11


Negative Campaign Not in Patients' Best Interest. (Partin, Beth) (AP) 31(10):11


Preparation Makes the Difference in Loan Approval Process. (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) (BB) 31(9):13


Searching and Critiquing Literature Essential for Acute Care NPs. (Kleinpell, Ruth M., Gawlinski, Anna, Burns, Suzanne M.) (ACA) 31(8):12


Who if Not You Will Determine NP Scope of Practice? (Partin, Beth) (AP) 31(2):6



A Physical Activity Rx for the Hypertensive Patient. (Frost, Karen L., Topp, Robert) 31(4):29


Heart Failure Epidemic Boiling to the Surface. (Rasmusson, Kismet D., Hall, Jill A., Renlund, Dale G.) 31(11):12


Psychological and Physical Etiologies of Heart Palpitations. (Thompson, Janice) 31(2):14


Using BNP Assays in Primary Care. (Kinkade, Elizabeth, Frazier, Susan K.) 31(12):36



A Contemporary Approach to Peripheral Arterial Disease. (Sieggreen, Mary) 31(7):14



Gestational Diabetes Management: Guidelines to a Healthy Pregnancy. (Scollan-Koliopoulos, Melissa, Guadagno, Sharon, Walker, Elizabeth A.) 31(6):14



Confronting HIV/AIDS One Patient At a Time. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(6):5


Disease Prevention Through Antismoking Efforts. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(8):4


Empower Women Through Education and Access. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(10):6


How Immune Are We? (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(7):7


Making Time for Professional Development. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(4):6


Not Going for Checkups-Is it a Guy Thing? (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(9):6


NPs a Ray of Hope for the Mentally Ill. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(11):6


Nurse Managed Health Centers: Strengthening the Healthcare Safety Net. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(2):5


Purpose, Position, Passion, and Perseverance. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(1):5


Rural Care: A Different Outlook on Health and Illness. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(3):11


Stay the Course for Change. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(12):6


What Do You Know About Genetics? (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 31(5):5



A 70-Year-Old Woman with Muscle Weakness and Pain. (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) (LL) 31(8):14


Senior Drivers: Risks, Interventions, and Safety. (Brown, Lauren Hinson) 31(3):38


Shedding Light on Alzheimer's. (Beatty, Grace E.) 31(9):32



Access to Rehabilitation Services in Rural Practice (Green-Hernandez, Carol) (RNP) 31(6):52


Assessment and Differential Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain. (Miller, Sally K., Alpert, Patricia T.) 31(7):38


Breaking Through Obesity with Gastric Bypass Surgery. (Sheipe, Marguerite) 31(10):12


Evidence-Based Practice and the Nurse Practitioner. (Kania-Lachance, Donna M., Best, Patricia J.M., McDonah, Margaret R., Ghosh, Amit K.) 31(10):46


Exposing the Dangers of Anhydrous Ammonia. (Welch, Ann) 31(11):40


Menopause: Studying the Research. (Pace, Diane Todd) 31(8):16


Popular Diets: What Practitioners Should Know. (Raykowski, Laura K.) (SC) 31(10):55


Recommendations for Assessing Insomnia. (Holcomb, Susan S.) (TJI) 31(2):55


Skills Taught in Acute Care NP Programs: A National Survey. (Kleinpell, Ruth M., Hravnak, Marilyn, Werner, Kathryn E., Guzman, Anthony) (ACA) 31(2):7


Transportation Challenges in Rural Area Healthcare. (Green-Hernandez, Carol) (RNP) 31(12):10



A Step-By-Step Approach to HIV/AIDS. (Jones, Sande Gracia) 31(6):26


Community-Associated MRSA: New Guidelines for a New Age. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) (TJI) 31(9):8


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Preventing MRSA. (Romero, Dana Victoria, Treston, June, O'Sullivan, Ann L.) 31(3):16


Hepatitis in Primary Care: What NPs Can Do to Save Lives. (Stonsifer, Elizabeth, Burke, Anne, Simwale, Owen) (SC) 31(6):53


New Developments in the Management of STDs. (Kirkland, Lynn G.) 31(12):12



18th Annual Legislative Update: A comprehensive look at the legislative issues affecting advanced nursing practice. (Phillips, Susanne J.) 31(1):6


A Lesson in the Passage of Laws. (Partin, Beth) (AP) 31(4):12


Barriers to Autonomous Practice. (Kaplan, Louise, Brown, Marie-Annette, Andrilla, Holly, Hart, L. Gary) 31(1):57


Dispensing Pharmaceutical Samples: A Few Reminders. (Klein, Cathy A.) (LF) 31(4):15


Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit. (Klein, Cathy A.) (LF) 31(2):61


Negotiation Strategies for ACNP Practice. (Kleinpell, Ruth M., Perez, Diego, F.) (ACA) 31(5):6


Nursing Responsibilities in a Disaster. (Klein, Cathy A.) (LF) 31(11):56


Preventing Medication Errors: An IOM Report. (Partin, Beth) (AP) 31(12):8


What is "True" Professional Autonomy? (Kaplan, Louise, Brown, Marie-Annette) 31(3):37



Identification and Treatment of Depression. (Holcomb, Susan S.) (TJI) 31(12):42


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Early Detection is Key. (Guess, Karen F.) 31(3):26


Prescribing SSRIs for Adolescents with Depression. (Helms, Laurie) 31(11):46


Recognition and Management of Major Depression. (Thayer, Kathleen M., Bruce, Maureen L.) 31(5):12



Osteoporosis: New Options for Pain Relief. (Kessenich, Cathy R.) 31(2):44


Treatment Strategies for Low Back Pain Relief. (D'Arcy, Yvonne) 31(4):16



Improving Outcomes for Restless Legs Syndrome. (Slack, Catherine Best, Landis, Carol A.) 31(5):26


Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Dementia's Hidden Cause. (Byrd, Christine) 31(7):28


Use of Ropinirole in RLS. (Dobson, April M., Cuellar, Norma) (SC) 31(12):46


When a Headache is Really a Brain Tumor. (Franges, Ellie Z.) 31(4):47



Breast Cancer Therapy and Treatment Guidelines. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) (TJI) 31(10):59


Proposed Screening Recommendations for Male Breast Cancer. (Estala, Stephanie M.) (SC) 31(2):62



The 3rd National Family History Initiative: Thanksgiving 2006. (Reece, Susan McClennan) 31(11):57



Acne: Intervene Early. (Roebuck, Heather L.) 31(10):24


Tonsilloliths a Common Finding in Pediatric Patients. (Myers, Nicole E., Compliment, James M., Post, J. Christopher, Buchinsky, Farrel D.) (CCR) 31(7):53



A Case of Acute Drug-Induced Hepatitis. (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) (LL) 31(4):7


A Look Back at the Most Influential Drug Approvals of '05. (Laustsen, Gary, Gilbert, Marcia, Wimett, Lynn) 31(2):26


Glumetza: Once-a-Day Dosing for Management of Type 2 Diabetes. (Laustsen, Gary) (DN) 31(5):50


Ibandronate (Boniva) Offers New Options for Osteoporosis. (Kessenich, Cathy R.) (DN) 31(10):64


Kentucky Bill Grants Authorization to Prescribe Scheduled Drugs. (Partin, Beth) (AP) 31(6):6


Ramelteon (Rozerem) a Novel Approach for Insomnia Treatment. (Laustsen, Gary, Andersen, Megan) (DN) 31(4):52


RotaTeq for Prevention of Rotavirus Gastroenteritis. (Laustsen, Gary) (DN) 31(8):54



Cultural Sensitivity in Rural Primary Care. (Green-Hernandez, Carol) (RNP) 31(3):15



Asthma: Pathogenesis and Management. (Conboy-Ellis, Kathleen) 31(11):24


CAP Management Guidelines. (Miskovich-Riddle, Lynn, Keresztes, Patricia A.) 31(1):43


Depression and Alcohol Abuse in Asthmatic College Students. (Volicer, Beverly J., Quattrocchi, Nancy, Candelieri, Rose, Nicolosi, Robert, Ladebauche, Pauline) 31(2):49


Improving Outcomes for COPD Patients. (Bauldoff, Gerene S., Diaz, Philip T.) 31(8):26


Managing Bronchospasm with Short-Acting Beta2-Agonists. (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) 31(9):47


'Tis the Season for Influenza. (Goldrick, Barbara A., Goetz, Angella M.) 31(12):24



For Pruritus, Combination Therapy Works Best. (Roebuck, Heather L.) (DD) 31(3):12


Newer Treatment Options for Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Psoriatic Disease. (Roebuck, Heather L.) (DD) 31(8):5


The ABCs of Melanoma Recognition. (Roebuck, Heather L., Siegel, Michael T.) (DD) 31(6):11


Use of OTC Essential Oils to Clear Plantar Warts. (Forbes, Mitzi A., Schmid, Marlene M.) (CCR) 31(3):53



Prostate Cancer: Prevention and Management of Localized Disease. (Gray, Mikel, Sims, Terran) 31(9):14



Anxiety Attacks Following Surgical Menopause. (Chung-Park, Min) (CCR) 31(5):44


Counsel Your Patients About Contraceptive Options. (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) 31(4):40


Enhancing Women's Mood and Energy. (Brown, Marie-Annette, Shirley, Jamie L.) 31(8):46


Menopause Healthcare for Women with Physical Disabilities. (Dormire, Sharon L., Becker, Heather, Lin, Chia-Ju) 31(6):42



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