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New research shows a possible connection between heart attack and psoriasis or other T-helper cell diseases. Analysts tracked nearly 700,000 patients-127,139 with mild cases and 3,837 with severe, along with 556,995 controls-for an average period of 5.4 years. During that time, the rate of MI among patients with mild and severe psoriasis was 1.8% and 2.9%, respectively, and 2.0% in the control group. The association was most prominent in younger patients. For a 30-year-old patient, mild psoriasis raised the risk of heart attack 1.29-fold, severe psoriasis 3.10-fold. These same conditions increased a 60-year-old patient's risk only 1.08- and 1.36-fold, respectively. Clinicians are advised to take note of other potential cardiovascular risk factors when treating patients for psoriasis.




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