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AutoMeds offers a line of patented, automated pill dispensers designed for anyone who requires multiple medications to sustain their medical care at home, such as seniors and those with chronic illnesses. Designed to promote optimal medication results, the new pill dispensers establish a daily routine for delivering medications in the appropriate quantities, at the correct time each day, for up to 7 days before refilling. The standard AutoPills model automatically regulates medication dispensing. An advanced model, with integrated monitoring features, offers patented emergency monitoring response capabilities with phone line connectivity. Upon emergency activation, the AutoPills dispenser becomes a live speakerphone that allows two-way communication between the user and the designated contact person. Users also have the option of wearing a pendant that remotely activates this emergency response feature. Features available on both the standard and monitoring models include a patented high pill volume capability that allows for large medication quantities-up to 150 pills per day (25 medications in each of the six dispensing times). Both can be loaded for the entire week and feature an 80-character LCD display that allows users to program the preferred times for dispensing and inform the intended user of their medication parameters and potential interactions (such as "take with food" or "avoid sunlight"). When the medication isn't retrieved during a preset timeframe, an alarm will continue to sound at regular intervals.


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