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Health Care Logistics introduces a new concept in long-term care: valet service. With the Tray Valet, a molded plastic tray that holds hearing aids, eyeglasses, and dentures, caregivers and patients save cost and time. In long-term care facilities, patients' hearing aids, eyeglasses, and dentures are often lost, misplaced, broken, or left unused. Use of the Tray Valet keeps patient aids visible and accessible at all times and provides a consistent location where these items can be easily found. By ensuring that aids are either in use by the patient or on the tray, the product can eliminate the frustrating scavenger hunt and time wasted before these valuable items are thrown out with food leftovers or damaged in the laundry. Improved safety may also come with use of the Tray Valet. Having the Tray Valet easily accessible encourages the use of sensory aids, so it may help decrease falls and the risk of falls that occur when aids aren't in use.


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