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HeartMath's emWave personal stress reliever is a portable device no bigger than a cell phone that trains nurses to reduce emotional stress, such as frustration and anxiety, in real time. Based on the science of coherence, emWave detects the user's pulse, converts the data, and indicates the user's coherence level through colorful light displays. More coherence equals less stress. Whether one needs to de-stress at the office, unwind before bed, or loosen up before a presentation, emWave is an anytime, anywhere stress solution. To operate emWave, users hold it in their hand with their thumb placed on the sensor button (or by attaching an ear sensor). The sensor detects the user's pulse and converts it into real-time displays of coherence levels through two colorful light panels. emWave includes techniques to help users increase coherence levels and sharpen their ability to transform stress on demand.


emWave is a complete system that includes an ear sensor, battery charger, carrying case, quick start guide, owner's manual, and Coherence Coach CD.


For further information, contact HeartMath at 1-800-450-9111 or

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