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Knowledge is power, and when you need it fast, Nursing2007 is here to help. But do you know that the reliable information arriving at your mailbox each month is also quickly available on your computer screen?


As an individual subscriber to this journal, you now have exclusive free access to articles from the current issue-plus all past issues back to the first one published in November 1971. Getting to them is easy. After a simple, one-time registration, you can log on at any time to research and read about many topics. (See How to get started.)

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It's easy. Just type a topic such as "heart failure" in the Quick Search box and watch relevant titles pop up. Review the titles and sort them or refine your search if you wish.


For example, suppose you search for "patient education." You'll find almost 50 teaching guides on an array of topics, ready for you to print and distribute to patients. Formatted to a fifth-grade reading level for clarity, they're a favorite teaching tool that our readers use again and again.


You're probably hearing a lot lately about applying airline safety principles to health care. In fact, you just read about it in Nursing2006-but in what issue? Skimming is easy: Search under "airline" and get an instant replay. (It was November 2006.)


To do more research on any topic, click Resources and Surveys and go to the Nursing Library of Great Links to connect to a huge cache of health information. has special resources for staff-development educators, faculty, and students too. Nurse-educators can download PowerPoint slides to help with lectures, and students can learn about scholarships, clinical skills, test taking, and advances in the profession. And both can sign up for free e-newsletters, another bonus.


Whether you've subscribed to Nursing2007 for years or you've recently joined our audience, we want to hear how you use the journal and Web site. Are we helping you with your learning and your practice? If not, what could we do better?


We value you as a subscriber, and we want to be your most reliable information source. If you can't find what you need, let us know.


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Cheryl L. Mee, RN,BC, CMSRN, MSN


Editor-in-Chief, Nursing2007