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hope, palliative care, professional, research



  1. Duggleby, Wendy DSN, RN, AOCN
  2. Wright, Karen PhD, RN


The purpose of this mixed method study was to describe the hope of professional palliative caregivers. A sample of 113 professional caregivers completed a demographic form, the Herth Hope Index, and an open-ended hope survey. Thematic analysis of the hope survey suggested that the subjects described their hope as peace, a better future, spirituality (finding meaning and purpose), and making a difference. Hope helped them to foster positive relationships and communication with palliative patients and families, provide comfort, and offer hope. Their hope was fostered by (1) having adequate resources to care for patients and families, (2) feeling they were making a difference, (3) having supportive relationships with other team members and patients and families, and (4) having their own spirituality and the spirituality of the patients. Nurses had significantly lower hope scores associated with goals and positive outlook than other professional caregivers (U = 935, P = .008).