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cardiac surgery, symptom management, telehealth



  1. Zimmerman, Lani PhD, RN
  2. Barnason, Susan PhD, RN, CCRN, CEN, CS


A variety of approaches can provide cardiac patients with needed follow-up care. However, with the explosion of telehealth capabilities, clinicians are more ready to explore other methods to integrate the use of telehealth devices into the delivery of effective nursing interventions. This article summarizes the development of a symptom management intervention for coronary artery bypass graft patients using the Health Buddy(R) to deliver a nursing intervention in the early recovery period after hospital discharge. Considerations used to design the symptom management intervention and selection of this telehealth modality are discussed. This overview can help clinicians and researchers gain perspective on how to evaluate telehealth modalities to aid in the delivery of interventions for cardiac and other clinical populations.