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barriers to receiving services, traumatic brain injury, unmet service needs



  1. Pickelsimer, E. Elisabeth DA
  2. Selassie, Anbesaw W. DrPH
  3. Sample, Pat L. PhD
  4. W. Heinemann, Allen PhD
  5. Gu, Ja K. MSPH
  6. Veldheer, Linda C. PhD


Objectives: Assess unmet needs of persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) 1 year after hospital discharge; compare perceived need with needs based on deficits (unrecognized need); determine major barriers to services; evaluate association of needs with satisfaction with life.


Participants: Representative sample of 1830 community-dwelling persons with TBI aged 15 years and older.


Measures: Perceived and unrecognized unmet needs, barriers to receiving services, and satisfaction with life as a function of met service needs.


Results: 35.2% of participants reported at least 1 unmet need, 51.5% had unrecognized needs, 47% reported at least 1 barrier to receiving help. Receipt of services significantly increased satisfaction with life.


Conclusions: Many persons experiencing TBI report having unmet service needs 1 year after hospital discharge.