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Help a Child

World Vision provides assistance to children who have lost a parent(s) through HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS orphans more than 6,000 children every day. Even more are left vulnerable. Sponsor one of these children today. See for more information.-World Vision web site,, 9/12/2006


Routine HIV Screening

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a recommendation on September 21, 2006 that HIV screening become part of routine medical care of everyone ages 13 to 64, regardless of risk. HIV testing would become a part of annual blood screens, along with the CBC or lipid profile. The recommendations are designed to catch HIV infections early, when treatment can preserve health and knowledge can help prevent spread of HIV. There would be a voluntary "opt out" approach where patients could decline the test (just as they can decline cholesterol screening), and simplified testing procedures where a separate consent form and pre-testing counseling would not be required but HIV testing would be incorporated into a general consent for medical care. The recommendations also include enhanced screening for pregnant women to prevent the spread of HIV to the baby.-CDC web site,,, 9/21/2006


Promote HCW Vaccination

The CDC has recently updated posters and flyers for healthcare worker (HCW) vaccinations, "Healthcare Workers!! Are your vaccinations up-to-date?" The updated materials reflect the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices'(ACIP's) new pertussis vaccine recommendations. They can be downloaded and printed in black and white or commercial quality color from Insider, 8/10/2006


International Society for Infectious Diseases

ISID is committed to improving the care of patients with infectious diseases, the training of clinicians and researchers in infectious diseases and microbiology, and the control of infectious diseases around the world. The Society recognizes that infectious diseases cross all national and regional boundaries and effective long-term solutions require international scientific exchange and cooperation. The Society and its members are dedicated to developing partnerships and to finding solutions to the problem of infectious diseases across the globe. The goals of ISID are to increase the knowledge base of infectious diseases through research and enhance the professional development of individuals in this discipline, extend and transfer technical expertise in infectious diseases and microbiology, and create and foster partnerships for the control and cost-effective management of infectious diseases around the world. ISID sponsors ProMED-mail, the Program f9or Monitoring Emerging Diseases, which is a global electronic reporting system for outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases and toxins.


-International Society for Infectious Diseases, and, 11/7/2006


SAMHSA Announces Availability of a New Brochure

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA's) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment recently released English- and Spanish-language versions of a new brochure, Drugs, Alcohol and HIV/AIDS: A Consumer Guide. The brochure is for substance abuse treatment program clients who may be involved in risky behaviors associated with HIV/AIDS. The information in the brochure is based on Treatment Improvement Protocol 37, Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS. The brochure answers questions such as: What do drugs and alcohol have to do with HIV?; What if I already have HIV?; What if I can't stop using drugs or alcohol?; What if I can't handle all of this alone? Helpful phone numbers and Web links are listed on the back cover of the brochure, along with a reference to SAMHSA's Treatment Facility Locator.-, 9/22/2006


Prayer for an Understaffed Shift

We're short of staff today, and some of the folks who are here don't want to be. But the demand is high, requests are coming in, and people are hurting. Then there is also all that paperwork. I'm scared I might hurt someone. I ask that You, God of Strength and Energy, be with me today. Keep me focused on caring and assisting. Make sure everyone is well and safe. Give me the strength to deal with the cause of this short staffing effectively. And for now, Lord, help me make it through this shift. -Mark Darby, RN, Reflections on the Hands of a Nurse, p. 70, available at


Gender Equality in India

On February 15-18, 2007, Minneapolis-based Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) will travel to Bangalore, India for a groundbreaking gender symposium. This will be the first time a global partnership of Christians will meet, in India, to discuss the potential impact of a world wide response to gender inequality. Tehmina Arora (secretary for the Christian Legal Association of India and workshop speaker), commented on the importance of this conference, saying, "In India, we have witnessed discrimination against women at various stages, whether at home, at the workplace, in society, and sadly on occasion even within the church. The conference provides a unique opportunity for Christians to understand and reflect on God's plan for men and women to work together side by side in His kingdom and our nation." More information and registration materials for this landmark symposium are available on CBE's website:, 11/7/2006