1. Rodts, Mary Faut Editor, MS, MSA, CNP, ONC, FAAN

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As you can see, Orthopaedic Nursing has a new look. As we begin the 26th volume year for Orthopaedic Nursing we start with a brand new style. From the initial conversations with Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins some years ago, the publisher of Orthopaedic Nursing wanted to develop a new cover and style for our journal. Not wanting to change too much too fast, minor changes were made over the years but after a discussion in the spring of 2006 the editorial board agreed that now was the correct time for a change. The cover has changed but the interior has changed as well. Our new look is more in keeping with other scholarly journals. You will see less white space and a tighter, crisper look. We are pleased with the changes and hope you will be too.

Figure. Mary Faut Ro... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Mary Faut Rodts, Editor, MS, MSA, CNP, ONC, FAAN

Some other important changes were made in 2006. Continuing Education opportunities increased in each issue with an average of four articles being offered for CE credit. Orthopaedic Nursing continues to provide continuing education opportunities not only for NAON members but for the nursing community. The number of nurses accessing Orthopaedic Nursing continuing education articles continues to grow. Our utilization ranks up there with the American Journal of Nursing and Nursing 2006. It is a testament to the work that the editorial board and authors do to bring the latest information to the readers of Orthopaedic Nursing.


Orthopaedic Nursing was also listed by the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Knowledge. ISI is a database publishing company whose mission is "to provide comprehensive coverage of the world's most important and influential research". ISI will continue to assess the value of Orthopaedic Nursing and the impact that it has on the scientific community. We are very pleased with this designation and will continue to strive for the best in clinical and research manuscript publication.


In 2007, consider becoming an author or manuscript reviewer for Orthopaedic Nursing. Both roles are very important for the sustainability of the quality of our journal. Make it a New Years resolution to begin the publishing process this year. Each member of the Editorial Board is ready to help you achieve that goal. So instead of making one of those resolutions that is never kept, send an e-mail to to start the process. We will help you select a topic of interest and guide you through the process. It will be exhilarating to see your name in print by this time next year. I challenge you to experience the publishing process with Orthopaedic Nursing.


As always, we are very interested in your thoughts about Orthopaedic Nursing. Here is to another great year for orthopaedic nursing and the patients we care for each day.




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