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  1. Giangregorio, L.
  2. Fisher, Pauline
  3. Papaioannou, A.
  4. Adachi, J. D.


PURPOSE: To evaluate osteoporosis knowledge and learning needs in healthcare professionals working with patients who have experienced or are at risk of fracture.


SETTING: Multisite teaching hospital, Hamilton, Ontario.


SAMPLE: Healthcare professionals working in the fracture clinics, orthopaedics, rehabilitation, and nuclear medicine department.


METHOD: Completion of an Osteoporosis Knowledge Ques-tionnaire and questions about learning needs and preferences.


RESULTS: The major areas of knowledge deficit in this study were with topics related to health promotion and management specific to calcium needs and medications.


CONCLUSIONS: The range of scores on the Osteoporosis Knowledge Questionnaire and the low scores on key questions suggest that there are opportunities to increase osteoporosis knowledge across a broad spectrum of healthcare providers.