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acute coronary syndrome, [beta]-adrenergic antagonists, pharmacogenetics



  1. Lanfear, David E. MD, FACC
  2. Spertus, John A. MD, MPH, FACC
  3. McLeod, Howard L. PharmD


Our previously published data indicate that patients prescribed [beta]-blocker (BB) therapy after an acute coronary syndrome have differential survival associated with their ADRB2 genotypes. These sequence variants can risk-stratify patients receiving BB therapy and may predict BB efficacy post-acute coronary syndrome. This report summarizes our findings and describes their implications for clinical care as well as future research directions. In the near term, we and other researchers will focus on validating our findings in an independent population. In the longer term, reassessment of the benefits of BB therapy within genotype groups should be pursued, and extension of these findings into other disease states where BB therapy or adrenergic stimulation is important (eg, heart failure) should be considered. Much of this work is already underway and is likely to influence the future standard of cardiovascular care.