1. Lewis, Carole B. PT, PhD, MPA, MSG, GTC, GCS, FAPTA

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Five years ago someone told me we are leaving the age of "Evaluate and Treat" and going into the age of "Predict and Manage" as rehabilitation professionals. We have felt the tugs of this comment because of the emphasis of managed care and the specter of scarce resources. This may well be our future but other variables may create a very different destiny. Technology will dramatically change how we practice. The advent of the computer has enhanced our knowledge and delivery of health care. Now we need to take this knowledge and further expand this technology in our home.


Alvin Toffler in his book Future Shock talked about "High tech and High touch." The explanation of this was one of a need for high technology but at the same time not losing the sense on touch. Reflecting back to Alvin Toffler's days he said people will be using computers more but going to places like theaters, spas, and meeting places to supplement some of the potential loneliness of the high tech. His prediction has certainly come to fruition.


The perfect place to mix the technology and touch is in the home. We see our homes as safe havens, places of comfort. We fill our homes with items that touch us physically, spiritually, and mentally. Yet we have let technology in over the years with garbage disposals, dishwashers, telephones, stoves, refrigerators, and numerous other electrical devices.


Dr Mann's issue of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation takes the technology in the home to a completely different level in his "Smart Technology" issue. I do think this issue wins the award for the most forward thinking of all issues. These authors have done an outstanding job of opening the health care professional's eyes to advances that are in the works for the home. We need to be aware of these topics to be effective rehabilitation professionals. I want to thank Dr. Mann and all the authors of this wonderful issue for wetting our appetites for what may be the next phase of health care: "Analyze and Adapt"


Thank you.


Carole B. Lewis, PT, PhD, MPA, MSG, GTC, GCS, FAPTA