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community living, computer use, frail elders, function, smart home



  1. Tomita, Machiko R. PhD
  2. Mann, William C. OTR, PhD
  3. Stanton, Kathleen BS
  4. Tomita, Akihiko D.
  5. Sundar, Vidyalakshmi OT


A 2-year randomized controlled trial conducted to test the feasibility and effectiveness of currently available smart home technology compared 46 treatment and 67 control home-based frail elders who lived alone. Treatment group participants were provided with a computer with Internet access and X10-based smart home technology. Problems in the use of the technology were categorized into 4 areas: person, computer, X10 products, and home. For each area, solutions were identified. Participants benefited from the smart home technology, and 91% recommended its use by others. The treatment group maintained physical and cognitive status, whereas the control group declined significantly in both.