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assistive technologies, context awareness, elderly people, human-machine interaction, people with disabilities, service continuity, smart homes



  1. Mokhtari, Mounir PhD
  2. Feki, Mohamed Ali PhD


This article describes our research activity, extended at a European level through several projects supported by the European Commission, on smart homes dedicated to older people and people with disabilities. The inability of older adults or persons with disabilities to perform daily living recreational and social activities limits their experience of autonomy and well-being. The goal of our research is to provide service continuity within the living environment, both indoor and outdoor. The rapid development of information and communication technologies is supporting a large variety of new services relevant to the lives of all the segments of the population, especially the elderly and disabled who are dependent on others as a result of physical/cognitive impairment. Combining technological aids and mobile technologies facilitates independent living for all in the home and in temporary living environments.