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attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, myths, oral contraceptives, reproductive women, risks and benefits, systematic review, The Pill



  1. Lee, Jongwon MS, RN, WHNP
  2. Jezewski, Mary Ann PhD, RN, FAAN


Despite the effectiveness of oral contraceptives (OCs), their popularity differs across populations. Attitudes are a significant factor that influences OC use. This report systematically reviews 28 studies on attitudes toward OC use among women. The Matrix Method was used to review the literature. Affective, cognitive, and behavioral components of attitudes were analyzed, including satisfaction, safety, fear/anxiety, and inconvenience. In general, negative attitudes still prevail across countries. Positive attitudes are more prevalent in Europe. Effective counseling and education are needed for those negatively disposed toward OC use. For favorable users, compliance strategies for longer continuation with OC regimen must be provided.