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Marjorie Gordon, Boston, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007.


The Manual of Nursing Diagnosis, Eleventh Edition, is a concise, well-organized, and comprehensive guide for use by both students and advance practice nurses to plan nursing care and communicate it to others. Since the first edition in 1982, the book has evolved into an extensive review and explanation of all the approved nursing diagnoses of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) International plus an additional 26 developed by the author but not yet approved by NANDA.


In the first edition of this book, the author noted the importance of a terminology that enabled nurses to plan nursing care and articulate it to others. Through the years, nurses throughout the world have recognized this, resulting in the translation of the text into 10 languages.


This most recent edition includes chapters that cover the description and assessment guidelines of the 11 functional health patterns, the nursing diagnoses that fit within each pattern, and instructions on the use of each diagnosis in the clinical setting. To assist the clinician in making an accurate diagnosis, applicable indicators of health problems are included with many of the diagnoses. Documentation guidelines and examples are also provided. The author was also thoughtful enough to include blank pages between the diagnostic categories to accommodate the personal observations of the clinician.


The Manual of Nursing Diagnosis, Eleventh Edition, is an excellent resource for nursing students and clinicians to carry to the clinical site for consultation as they plan the care of their clients. Although small enough to fit in a laboratory coat pocket, the book contains enough information to facilitate critical thinking and diagnostic decision making.


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