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Agitation, Sedation, Scales, Reliability, Validity



  1. Rassin, Michal RN, PhD
  2. Sruyah, Ronit RN, MA
  3. Kahalon, Ayelet RN, MA
  4. Naveh, Reut RN, BA
  5. Nicar, Irit RN, BA
  6. Silner, Dina RN, MA


The goal of the study was to compare the reliability and validity of 3 Sedation Agitation Scale. Two nurses and a physician conducted 130 observations simultaneously. They found an excellent interrater reliability in the Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale (r > 0.86), and high correlations between the Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale and the Sedation Agitation Scale and Visual Analog Scale scales (r = 0.92, r = 0.85). The research findings will help to assert Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale as a daily assessment tool in the intensive care unit, and it will pave the way for construction a sedation protocol according to the Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale level.