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[black small square] Jesus Christ, the Hope of Nursing:JustEthics. The fourth North American Conference (NAC) sponsored by eleven Christian nursing institutions and organizations, including Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)(R). (See ad, inside back cover.) NCF will sponsor "A Research Agenda in Spirituality and Spiritual Care" onsite June 14-15, 2002. Place: Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Dates: June 15-18, 2002. Contact: NCF, phone: (608) 274-4823, ext. 402; e-mail:, or visit the website:


[black small square] Parish Nurse Course. See East.


[black small square] Faith Making a Difference: Improving Health Care and Access for the Underserved. An annual conference sponsored by Christian Community Health Fellowship, a fellowship committed to living out the gospel through health care among the poor. Place: Eastern College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dates: May 16-19, 2002. Contact CCHF, phone: (773) 843-2700, e-mail:, website:


[black small square] Medical Evangelism Training & Strategies (METS). Theoretical and practical evangelism training presented by Medical Strategic Network and cosponsored by Hospital Christian Fellowship. Place: Forest Home in Southern California. Dates: February 14-17, 2002. Credit: Available. Contact: Medical Strategic Network, phone: (909) 797-2549; e-mail:



[black small square] Seeking Justice in Nursing. A one-day conference cosponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowshp(R) and the Bay Area Black Nurses Association. Place: Oakland, California. Date: April 27, 2002. Contact: Jane Bacon, phone (510) 601-7968; e-mail


[black small square] Compassionate Care for the Sick and Hurting. A three-hour seminar for health care professionals, other caregivers and church lay people sponsored by Hospital Christian Fellowship. Place: Thousand Oaks, California. Date: January 19, 2002. Contact: HCF, phone: (949) 496-7655; e-mail



[black small square] Health, Humor and Healing. The annual Texas conference sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Round Top Retreat Center, Round Top, Texas. Dates: February 1-3, 2002 (registration deadline: January 26, 2002). Credit: 6.6 contact hours. Contact: Jane Hall, phone: (254) 772-8174; e-mail:


[black small square] NCF(R) Meetings. Texas local Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) meetings for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Place/Contact: Nacogdoches-Lufkin/Lauren Gaudette, phone: (409) 564-3740; Corpus Christi/Debbie Miller, phone: (361) 991-2048; Temple/Doris Stein, phone: (254) 778-4846; Dallas-Ft. Worth/Renee Kirk, phone: (972) 681-8472; Georgetown/Rita Fuentes, phone: (254) 527-4314; Houston area-Angleton/Rene Conrad, phone: (281) 337-3393; Odessa-Midland/LaVerne Smith, phone: (915) 683-3300; Waco and all other areas of Texas/Jane Hall, phone: (254) 772-8174, email:



[black small square] Wichita-Metro Gathering for Nurses. "Hope for Nursing: Walking by Faith in Trying Times," a four-session series sponsored by Nurses Christian Felowship(R) to encourage nurses. Place: First Baptist Church, Wchita, Kansas. Dates: February 12, March 12, April 9 and May 14, 2002. Facilitator: Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner. Credit: 2 contact hours per session. Contact: Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, phone: (316) 685-0428, e-mail


[black small square] Kansas City Area Get-Togethers. Monthly meetings for prayer, fellowship and Bible study "Finding Contentment" sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Overland Park, Kansas. Dates: December 13, 2001, January 10, February 14, March 14, and April 11, 2002. Contact: Lois Osborn, phone: (913) 262-2478, e-mail


[black small square] Oklahoma City Get-Togethers. Monthly meetings for prayer, speaker, discussion and fellowship on the first Tuesday of the month sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond, Oklahoma. Contact: Karen Gregory phone: (405) 478-7722; e-mail:


[black small square] NCF(R) Soup, Singing and Scripture. Monthly meetings on fourth Tuesdays and fourth Thursdays, sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Des Moines, Iowa. Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m. Contact: Marabel Kersey, phone: (515) 834-2001, e-mail:



[black small square] Chicago Area NCF(R) Get-Togethers. Monthly meetings on first Wednesday evenings sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) for speaker/discussion, encouragement and prayer. Place: Loyola University Health System, Maywood, Illinois. Contact: Daria Ruffolo, phone: (708) 327-2681; e-mail


[black small square] Graduate Courses in Faith and Health. Interdisciplinary courses, "an education for your head, your heart and your hands." Place: North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois. Courses/Dates: 1) Engaging Congregations in Ministries of Health (online); Experiences of the Body in Pastoral Ministry; Embodiment/Spring semester, February 11-May 22, 2002. 2) Spiritual Issues in Chronic Illness and Disability/intensive, June 10-14, 2002. 3) Biblical Perspectives on Health and Healing/intensive, June 17-21, 2002. Contact: Mary Chase-Zblek, phone (773) 244-6201; e-mail; website


[black small square] Milwaukee NCF(R) Get-Togethers. Meetings every other month (second Tuesday) of Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) for Bible study, discussion and networking. Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Contact: Dawn Johnson, phone: (414) 535-6865 x 3193 (days) or Daniela Eichelberger, phone: (262) 375-3925; e-mail:


[black small square] Meeting Spiritual Needs in Cultural Diversity. A conference sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) and the Center for Christian Counseling, followed by a retreat, "Guided by God" (leader: Sharon VanderZyl). Place: Madison, Wisconsin. Date: January 25, 2002. Speaker: Kamalini Kumar. Contact: NCF, phone: (608) 274-4823 x 402, e-mail:


[black small square] Ohio NCF(R) Bible Studies. Monthly meetings sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) for study, prayer and fellowship. Place/Contact: Cleveland West Side/Geri Harms, phone: (440) 777-9665; New Philadelphia-Dover/Wendy Evans, phone: (330) 343-6524.


[black small square] Prayer and Fellowship. Meetings sponsored by Stark and Summit County Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Dates: January 12, 2002, March 9, 2002. Contact: Rose Day, phone: (330) 477-5689, e-mail:


[black small square] Finding Ways to Be Happy in Your Job. Annual spring seminar sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Cleveland West Side. Dafe: February 21, 2002. Time: 7-9 p.m. Speakers: Harriet Coeling and Pat Gracey. Contact: Harriet Coeling, phone: (440) 871-2619; e-mail:


[black small square] Spiritual Dimensions in Care: Care for the Caregiver. All-day annual spring seminar sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Malone College, Canton, Ohio. Date: April 20, 2002. Speaker: Kamalini Kumar. Contact: Rose Day, phone: (330) 477-5689; e-mail:



[black small square] Parish Nursing: Connecting Faith and Health. A basic, one-week International Parish Nurse Resource Center-endorsed course, followed by an advanced course, both based on the Christian worldview and sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) to prepare professional nurses to minister within a church setting. Place: Liberty Corner, New Jersey. Dates: Basic-April 7-12, 2002; Advanced-April 14-16, 2002. Faculty: Marabel Kersey, Judy Shelly, Arlene Miller and others. Credit: 40 contact hours of CNE and college credit available. Contact: Sandra McGrail, e-mail


[black small square] New York NCF(R) Meetings. New York local Nurses Christian Fellowship(R) monthly get-togethers for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Place/Contact: Rochester/Nancy Hines, phone: (716) 436-9232; Buffalo/Ada Scharf, phone: (716) 372-9387; Jamestown/Julie Davidson, e-mail: drdavidson@


[black small square] Walking Through the Journey of Grief. A conference sponsored by Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Hopkington, Massachusetts. Date: April 12, 2002. Speaker: Verna Carson. Credit: 6 contact hours. Confacf: Marilyn Bullock, phone: (617) 625-9202; e-mail:


[black small square] New England Prayer Brunches. Boston area prayer brunches. Place/Date: Westboro, Massachusetts/ February 9, 2002; Mendon, Massachusetts/March 9, 2002; Windham, New Hampshire/May 4, 2002. Contact: Marilyn Bullock, phone: (617) 625-9202, e-mail:


[black small square] Peaceful Reflections. A nursing retreat sponsored by New England Nurses Christian Fellowship.(R) Place: Pink Blossoms Family Resort, Ogunquit, Maine. Dates: September 5-8, 2002. Speaker: Anne Workman. Contact: Marilyn Bullock, phone (617) 625-9202, e-mail: