1. Anton, Lori

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A mist that covers each day's new thought


and lack of memory for things once taught


familiar things from days gone past


remain the only thoughts that last.


Alone is felt each bright new day


but brightness doesn't last the way


it lasted once in days gone by


for now is shadowed by hazy skies.


The simple things we all once knew


are scattered now, and facts are few


And even faces, though familiar be


still names escape the memory.


Facts turn to questions, what's known is lost


isolation surrounds.


It's such a cost!!


Yet, amid all this (though hard it be)


a warm ray of light can still be seen


Walking in hope as a new way is found


By walking together, new joy can abound.


A smile, a touch and kind, gentle ways


can soften confusion and calm upset days.


A new way of doing and patience to show


can help all the helpless, and new love can grow.


We can look for the victory in each day gone by


and refuse to succumb to a dark, clouded sky.


For even a dark cloud has a lining unseen


a lining of hope and a lining of dreams.


A lining of comfort as soft as a dove


a lining of silver and unquestionable love!!


Lori Anton