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Freedom Designs (Minneapolis, MN), a wheelchair seating and positioning company, is incorporating LiquiCell comfort technology in its seat cushions, thoracic lateral supports, and headrests. When incorporated with these products, LiquiCell may help prevent pressure ulcers without interfering with patient positioning or affecting patient stability. LiquiCell Technologies, Inc (Minneapolis, MN), manufacturer of LiquiCell, signed a licensing agreement with Freedom Designs, allowing the company to use the ultra-thin, liquid interface technology in selected products. For a limited time, LiquiCell will be offered free of charge with all Freedom Designs' headrests and lateral pads.


LiquiCell technology is designed to equalize perpendicular pressure at the point of contact, reducing pressure, soft-tissue compression, skin friction, and soft-tissue shear stress. It also helps improve blood flow and reduces nerve depression, according to the manufacturer.


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