1. Sealy, Michelle BScN, BHSc, RN

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I hope that Dr. Morin would be open to discussing some of the comments made in the Infant Nutrition column of the September/October 2005 MCN (30[5]) titled "Information Parents Need About Preparing Formula." In the 4th paragraph, she stated "Inform parents that they can use cold tap water to dilute the formula." I would like her to expand on that statement. I'd like to know what exactly she means by dilute, and whether she teaches about sterilizing water and equipment? Further, does she provide much teaching about whether the tap water has a water softener as part of the water system? I am a Public Health Nurse and my work involves a great deal of teaching regarding infant nutrition. At present, and in my understanding, there are some conflicting pieces of information between the column and that which we would teach at my place of employment. I am interested in providing the best, most accurate information to our clients and would value Dr. Morin's input. Thank you for your time on this matter.


Michelle Sealy, BScN, BHSc, RN