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HOW DOES YOUR COMPENSATION COMPARE with nurse leaders nationwide? Does the number of employees, units, and departments you manage directly correlate to your own bottom line?


We hope to answer these questions and more in Nursing Management's eighth survey of this kind. Please take a moment to fill out the survey here or online. We'll publish the results in a future issue.




Mail:Nursing Management Compensation Survey 323 Norristown Road, Suite 200 Ambler, PA 19002


Fax: 215-367-2147




1. Gender:


[white square] female


[white square] male



2. What's your current title?


[white square] CEO/COO


[white square] Asst. Nurse Manager


[white square] Administrator


[white square] Case Manager


[white square] Vice President


[white square] Supervisor


[white square] Director


[white square] Educator


[white square] Nurse Manager


[white square] Consultant


[white square] Other (specify) _____________________________



3. What's your ethnicity?


[white square] American Indian or Alaska Native


[white square] Asian


[white square] Black or African American


[white square] Hispanic or Latino


[white square] Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander


[white square] White



4. How long have you been in nursing?


[white square] 1-2 years


[white square] 3-5 years


[white square] 6-10 years


[white square] 11-15 years


[white square] 16-20 years


[white square] >20 years



5. How long have you held your current position?


[white square] 1-2 years


[white square] 3-5 years


[white square] 6-10 years


[white square] 11-15 years


[white square] 16-20 years


[white square] 21-25 years


[white square] 26-30 years


[white square] >30 years



6. What's your age?


[white square] <20


[white square] 20-25


[white square] 26-30


[white square] 31-35


[white square] 36-40


[white square] 41-45


[white square] 46-50


[white square] 51-55


[white square] 56-60


[white square] >60



7. What's your level of education?


[white square] doctoral degree ____________________________


[white square] MSN


[white square] master's degree, other (specify)__________


[white square] BSN


[white square] bachelor's degree, other (specify)________


[white square] ADN


[white square] diploma in nursing


[white square] other (specify)______________________________



8. Are you nationally certified in nursing administration or your clinical specialty?


[white square] yes


[white square] no


If yes, what's your certification?





9. In what setting do you work?


[white square] hospital/health systme


[white square] outpatient services/clinic


[white square] community/home healthcare


[white square] long-term care


[white square] rehabilitative care


[white square] subacute care


[white square] academic/university setting


[white square] other (specify)______________________________



10. In what locale do you work?


[white square] urban


[white square] suburban


[white square] rural


[white square] remote area



11. If you work in a hospital, what type is it?


[white square] university


[white square] private, profit


[white square] community, profit


[white square] private, nonprofit


[white square] community, nonprofit


[white square] VA/military



12. Is your organization a Magnet facility?


[white square] yes


[white square] no



13. How many beds does your facility have?


[white square] <100


[white square] 101-300


[white square] 301-500


[white square] 501-700


[white square] 701-1,000


[white square] >1,000



14. How many employees do youmanage?


[white square] 1-50


[white square] 51-100


[white square] 101-150


[white square] 151-200


[white square] >200



15. What's the dollar amount of the budget for which you're responsible?


[white square] <$100,000


[white square] $100,000 to $500,000


[white square] $500,000 to $1 million


[white square] $1 million to $5 million


[white square] $5 million to $10 million


[white square] > $10 million



16. How many of the following do you manage?




[white square] 1


[white square] 2-5


[white square] 6-9


[white square] >=10




[white square] 1


[white square] 2-5


[white square] 6-9


[white square] >=10




[white square] 1


[white square] 2-3


[white square] 4-5


[white square] >=6



17. Where do you live?


[white square] New England: CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT


[white square] Middle Atlantic: NJ, NY, PA


[white square] East North Central: IL, IN, MI, OH, WI


[white square] West North Central: IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD


[white square] South Atlantic: DE, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV


[white square] East South Central: AL, KY, MS, TN


[white square] West South Central: AR, LA, OK, TX


[white square] Mountain: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY


[white square] Pacific: AK, CA, HI, OR, WA


[white square] Canada


[white square] Other (specify) ______________________________



18. Is your yearly raise a flat percentage or is it based on goal achievement?


[white square] flat percentage


[white square] goal achievement



19. Are you entitled to a bonus (incentive compensation)?


[white square] yes


[white square] no



20. Does your employer match your contribution to a retirement account?


[white square] yes


[white square] no



21. Does your employer offer health benefits after retirement?


[white square] yes


[white square] no



22. What's your current salary?


[white square] <$40,000 (specify) ________________________


[white square] $40,000-$44,999


[white square] $45,000-$49,999


[white square] $50,000-$54,999


[white square] $55,000-$59,999


[white square] $60,000-$64,999


[white square] $65,000-$69,999


[white square] $70,000-$74,999


[white square] $75,000-$79,999


[white square] $80,000-$84,999


[white square] $85,000-$89,999


[white square] $90,000-$99,999


[white square] $100,000-$119,999


[white square] $120,000-$129,999


[white square] >=$130,000 (specify) _________________________________________________



23. What percentage salary increase did you receive at your last pay raise?


[white square] 0-2%


[white square] 2.1-4%


[white square] 4.1-5%


[white square] 5.1-6%


[white square] 6.1-7%


[white square] >7%



24. On average, how many hours per week do you work?


[white square] <40


[white square] 40-45


[white square] 46-50


[white square] 51-55


[white square] 56-60


[white square] 61-65


[white square] 66-70


[white square] >70



25. Do you feel you're compensated appropriately for your level of responsibility?


[white square] yes


[white square] no



26. Have you personally asked your employer for a raise in the past year?


[white square] yes


[white square] no


If yes, did you receive it?


[white square] yes


[white square] no



27. Please comment on compensation issues at your facility. Include your name and e-mail address so we can contact you.


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