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I just finished reading the January-March 2007 issue. The HIV/AIDS articles are especially good and show the intensity of the issue and the realities of our fallenness. When I visit those dying of AIDS, I've often I thought the disease is the epitome of "Satan seeking who he may devour" (1 Peter 5:8). The bodies of those dying from AIDS are ravaged in a way that unless you have witnessed it you can not imagine.


On a different note, I appreciated Sandra Jamison's article on Christ the teacher. The scriptures are full of teaching-learning principles and methods from Genesis to Revelation. In addition, the new look of JCN is wonderful.


Bonnie Miller


Harrison, OH


I have to say that I was dismayed when I saw the theme of the January-March, 2007 issue of JCN. Working in gerontology I wondered, what does HIV have to do with me?


How wrong I was. From the moment of reading your editorial, I was hooked. I do not recall when I learned more from a journal on any topic. There was something to satisfy every aspect of this topic, from anatomy and physiology (kudos to your staff for that!!) to global concerns. The article about the Terri Schiavo case will be a wonderful addition to the ethics course that I teach. By having students read the article, it will spark discussion about the nature of ethical dilemmas, even when the participants have the same faith basis. Who knows? It may also be used of God to initiate discussions about Jesus as well.


But what was best? Definitely the editorial. Not only did it hook me on reading every single page of this issue in one sitting, it convicted me of my sin of a hardened heart. Thank you for your willingness to be transparent. I am sure you touched many hearts besides my own.


Wendy MacDougal


Hamilton, ON, Canada



I was blessed to read Fran McHolm's CE article in the JCN Fall 2006 edition. I recently acquired 24 CEUs from journals-10.5 of the CEUs came from 4 editions of JCN. What an amazing magazine. First quality!!


Catherine White


Muskogee, OK



I just turned in my paper (all 50+ pages!!). The JCN articles were invaluable in providing the groundwork for this paper. I am thankful there is a nursing journal with a Christian focus. It is sorely needed in our world today!!


Sheri Pierce


Joliet, IL



I just recently became a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship and received my first JCN. I am so excited by what I read and by what NCF has to offer. I would like to start a group at my hospital and use the articles for discussion and study. Please let me know how I can get a chapter started in my area.


Lisa Womble


Savannah, GA


Editor's Note: For information about Nurses Christian Fellowship and how to start an NCF group, go to and explore!!



I am pleased that the Journal of Christian Nursing assists nurses in combining nursing with spirituality. I have found that a thorough knowledge of the aging process has helped me to assess, plan adequate interventions, and educate the elderly, as well as their relatives as they cope with the limitations and challenges associated with normal aging.


Clare Scott


Egg Harbor City, NJ