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EPS(R), Inc. Disposable Disc Filters

EPS(R), Inc. has released 3 additions to its line of IV disposables. Three sizes of disposable disc filters are now available: 0.2 micron, 0.45 micron, and 1.2 micron.


The 0.2-micron filter was specifically designed for sterilization and bacteriaretentive applications. The 0.45-micron unit is ideal for particulate retention. The 1.2-micron filter removes fungi and particulate from lipid solutionswithout breaking the emulsions.


All EPS Disposable Disc Filters are hydrophilic and bidirectional. Equipped with proximal and distal Luer locks (male and female), the filters attach securely to any Luer connection, preventing sprays, splashes, and breaks in sterility. The specially constructed filters minimize internal fluid loss, retaining only 0.4 mL.


The filters are preassembled and ready to use, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Individually packaged, they're sterile, nontoxic, and nonpyrogenic. They're packaged 50 to a case, and quantity pricing is available on as few as 5 cases. Like all our other IV additive products, the EPS Disposable Disc Filters have been manufactured to meet strict Medical Device GMP guidelines.


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