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  1. White, Jane V. PhD, RD
  2. Pitman, Susan MA, RD
  3. Blumberg, Jeffrey B. PhD


Official recommendations for the use of supplemental nutrients are limited to individuals at risk for deficiency and other specific populations. Nonetheless, use of dietary supplements has been growing steadily, and today, about a third of American adults use these products daily. Some experts now suggest a broader application of supplements, especially of multivitamins. To assess whether a shift to greater use of supplements is being incorporated into dietetic practice, we surveyed a national, randomized sample of dietitians on their attitudes, beliefs, and prescriptive practices regarding supplement use, especially multivitamins. The response rate was 4%. Most respondents frequently recommended and used multivitamins, although prescriptive practices differed by years of practice and between dietitians working in clinical settings and those in academic environments.