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conflict, conflict management style, nurses, nurse managers



  1. Kantek, Filiz PhD, RN
  2. Kavla, Ilkay MSN, RN


This study was conducted to determine the conflict management styles used by nurse managers when in conflict with nurses and to ascertain the differences between sociodemographic characteristics and the style used. The study was conducted on 71 nurse managers working in 3 different hospitals in Antalya (Turkey). A personal information form and Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory II were used for data collection. The most commonly used style by nurse managers when in conflict was integrating, and the least commonly used was avoiding. There was no difference between the style used and the nurses' educational status, marital status, and years of employment. The obliging style was used the most by those 45 years and older and those with 20 years or more of management experience, whereas the avoiding style was used by nurse managers with 6 to 10 years of management experience. This study suggests that nurse managers who are older and have management experience need to be encouraged to use effective conflict management and that there is a need for further research of the subject of factors that affect conflict management style.