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Tyco Healthcare, Mansfield, MA, will become Covidien after the global health care leader separates from its parent company, Tyco International, this spring and becomes an independent, publicly traded company. Tyco Healthcare's products include disposable medical supplies (including wound dressings), monitoring equipment, medical instruments, and bulk analgesic pharmaceuticals.


Covidien is an original name that was inspired by themes of collaborate and life, according to the company. The name was selected for its global meaning and appeal from some 6000 names in a process that lasted for several months. As Covidien, the independent company will embark on a distinct new direction that focuses exclusively on health care and benefits from increased flexibility to invest in innovation and organic growth.


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Anodyne Therapy, LLC, Tampa, FL, has resolved its patent and trademark lawsuit against ICP Educational Resources, Phoenix, AZ, which conducts business as and distributes the RevitaMed/Revitalight brand products. Legal judgment rendered in Florida stated that the patents protecting Anodyne Therapy's technology are enforceable and that ICP's RevitaMed Devices, when used as intended, infringed Anodyne's patents. In addition, the judgment stated that Anodyne Therapy's trademark, ANODYNE, is valid and enforceable and that certain marketing materials and actions by ICP violated federal law and infringed the trademark. As a result, ICM has ceased promotion of the RevitaMed Devices. ICP is prohibited from manufacturing, distributing, offering for sale, or selling any infrared devices that infringe Anodyne's patents, and it is also prohibited from using or displaying, except as a fair use, the Anodyne trademark of the MIRE trademark.


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Winco, Minneapolis, MN, a manufacturer of medical furniture, is incorporating LiquiCell comfort technology in its fully upholstered clinical chairs and several chairs for long-term care. The technology is designed to help prevent pressure ulcers without interfering with patient positioning and stability. LiquiCell Technologies, Inc, Minneapolis, MN, manufactures LiquiCell, which uses an innovative combination of a low-viscosity fluid and strategically placed seal points that control the flow of liquid to aid in the process of preventing pressure ulcers. In an independent study, LiquiCell increased blood perfusion up to 150% at the point of contact according to the manufacturer.


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BioElectronics Corporation, Frederick, MD, has announced that Molecular Ionics, LLC, Wesley Chapel, FL, will handle the distribution of ActiPatch Therapy Products to medical professionals in the northwest counties of Florida. The distribution company provides wound care products and services.


ActiPatch is a drug-free anti-inflammatory patch with an embedded battery-operated microchip that delivers weeks of continuous pulsed therapy in a cost-effective, patient-friendly method.


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Smith & Nephew's Advanced Wound Management Division, Hull, England, has entered into a sales, marketing, and distribution agreement with UDL Laboratories, Inc, Rockford, IL, (a subsidiary of Mylan Laboratories, Canonsburg, PA) to exclusively distribute Biobrane Biosynthetic Wound Dressing outside the United States. The exclusive agreement will allow Smith & Nephew to provide a full range of burn products to its customers, increasing its current offerings of VERSAJET hydrosurgery system and ACTICOAT antimicrobrial dressings.


Biobrane is a biosynthetic wound dressing consisting of a silicone film bonded to a cross-linked nylon fabric, which acts as a temporary dermal substitute. Its use can lead to faster wound healing times and reduced treatment costs, according to the manufacturer.


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Monarch Labs, LLC, Irvine, CA, the producer and distributor of Medical Maggots, has completed the expansion of its new insectary facility, allowing a fly and maggot breeding capacity 4 times greater than Monarch's previous laboratory. The expansion was undertaken to meet the growing need for Medical Maggots in the medical and veterinary communities.


Medical Maggots are living fly larvae used in maggot debridement therapy to treat chronic, nonhealing necrotic skin, and soft-tissue wounds, including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, neuropathic foot ulcers, and nonhealing traumatic or postsurgical wounds. The live maggots are highly perishable because they must be maintained germ-free and starving. For this reason, Medical Maggots must be produced daily from fresh fly eggs, delivered to customers within 48 hours, and used within 24 hours of delivery.


Medical Director of Monarch Labs Ronald Sherman, MD, MSc, stated, "Our new state-of-the-art insectary is already producing nearly half a million eggs per week, and we are only operating at 50% capacity. With capabilities to produce up to a thousand vials of Medical Maggots per week (1 million eggs), Monarch Labs will now have the capacity and flexibility to respond to dramatic increases in medical demands for our product within 24 hours."


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TELUS Mobility, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, offers the Pixalere Wireless Woundcare application, which allows home-care clinicians to consult with specialists from the point of care by providing specialists with wound specifics and digital photo assessments via the Internet. The software works in conjunction with the TELUS Mobility network, allowing access to reports, trends, and analysis. Clinicians can track clinical procedures, healing times, and product usage, as well as access diagnostic tools and completed wound care visit forms. Pixalere helps bring care to the patient, reducing patient discomfort and costly trips to and from a clinic or hospital. It also helps patients with delicate wounds avoid travel, allowing them to be treated at home.


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